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The Whole Shebang!

by W.J. Warnken

I never quite could comprehend, a paper named for slang,

Until I took a copy, and read, The Whole Shebang!

'Twas full from cover to cover of things to do and see,

Where to dine, shows to enjoy, and local history.

It listed the radio stations, a calendar of monthly events,

Places for drinking and dancing for South Coast ladies and gents.

I said, "This is a bargain, what ever the price may be!"

Then saw to my amazement, The Whole Shebang! was FREE.

So if you seek entertainment (or the best pie made from Meringue)

You need to pick up a copy and read The Whole Shebang!

Editor's note: Thanks W.J. - we all enjoyed this poem!